Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spiritual Sunday

Our church has been reading through "The Story," which is an abridged version of the Bible in chronological order. I've been so bad about reading through the Old Testament because it's boring and confusing. OR SO I THOUGHT!

Reading through this version (which only includes "the story" parts that are crucial leading up to the story of Christ - but is all Scripture) has made me feel like I'm reading the Bible for the first time! I'm finally GETTING the Old Testament in a really clear and exciting way.

I'm actually UNDERSTANDING all of the ancestry lists. Weird, I know. I'm understanding why God became so frustrated with the Israelites - and how much I, today, am just like them (scary).

I now get how Solomon had all this wisdom from God, the story behind it, and how the Proverbs are so divinely inspired.

Ok, I sound like  a 5 year old writing this, but you get my idea. The Old Testament isn't outdated. It CAN be exciting and new, no matter how long you've followed God. 

Very cool :)

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