Friday, January 9, 2009

Family Friday - Dinner at Home

I love to eat out. We hardly ever do, but I love it.

Tonight is Friday night and we have some gift cards we could use to go out, but I'm making dinner at home. Why? I don't know. I'm home all day today, so I can, and just like eating at the dinner table together. Hannah and I even got to spend time together while she helped me put it in the crock pot/

Sure, dinner only lasts 10 minutes in our house :)

But it's so nice to sit down and provide my family with a home cooked meal. Part of me feels as if cooking for them is a way to show them how much I love them. I know my own mother shows love through her cooking (one of many ways she shows it.) And, her cooking is amazing. I have vivid memories of her cooking streaked throughout my childhood.

Always a snack after school, yummy breakfast sandwiches and chocolate chip pancakes, lemon chicken, casseroles, and my favorite was when I'd open the fridge after school and there would be pudding with whipped cream in individual parfait cups...think I have food issues? :) You would too if your mom cooked like mine does.

That said, I want Hannah and Matt to have that same comfort; not from food, but from the security, consistency and stability of knowing that mom's gonna take care of me. That, no matter how my day was, I'm going to go home to my mom/wife and there's gonna be a nice warm dinner on the table, for me, because she loves me and always will.

What could be a more important or satisfying role.

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