Monday, January 19, 2009

Money Monday

My house is cold. Hannah still refuses to wear pants to bed, but it's cold. When we go to bed, we keep our thermostat set at 58 degrees. No, that's not a typo. During the day it doesn't go above 64 and I think it's 61 right now. 

I'm always cold. So, this one's hard for me. But, when everyone was complaining about their rising natural gas costs, mine went down $10 per month. I'm hoping to see another drop soon. 

It can be so difficult to sacrifice for long term financial gain. It's so hard to look that far into the future. I think my main goal is being able to sit on my butt watching cable. Food network to be exact.

We are often made fun of for the sacrifices we make but my argument is all those "little" things add up to big stuff. $50 cable , $50 internet, $50 home phone, etc etc etc. It adds up! 

I must say I've been starting to get discouraged living so frugal. It does begin to wear on you. But I refuse to quit. The little changes are all you need to start with. They don't seem like much, but when you put them all together they are!!

It felt so good to be able to buy a car with cash and still be able to put even MORE extra onto our loans this month. It's so low stress. I'm so grateful for what God has blessed us with. I pray that we manage what he's given to us, well.

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  1. How do you get online to blog? Just curious.


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