Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spiritual Sunday - Quiet Time

When was the last time you had quiet time? I mean really quiet (and you didn't fall asleep.) I couldn't tell you the last time I just sat and listened.

Here's the question. We ask for God to speak to us. We ask him what we should do,

To heal us

To help us

To get us out of a jam

But, how are we supposed to have any sort of relationship with Him if we show no effort to hold up our end of the bargain? I'm so guilty here.

Can you imagine having a best friend. Someone you were very close to and love very much who:

1. Never let you get a word in.
2. Never listened when you did speak.
3. Asked for help all the time, but did nothing to nurture his/her relationship with you.
4. Would call at all hours of the night but never listened to your sound advice.
5. Used your name when swearing.
6. Blamed you when anything went wrong in the world or in his/her personal life.
7. Accused you of being unavailable when they didn't notice your presence.




Wouldn't be much of a relationship.

So what do we do when our relationship with God much resembles the above scenario?

Well, to be blunt: 

Shut up and listen.

Shut up and listen.


Psalm 46:10 Be STILL and know that I am God.

(He's a little less harsh than I am :)

I guess I have some work to do...or I guess I have some work to NOT do?

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