Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday - NEW CAR!

Yay! I'm thankful for the 2nd car we just bought!

I've been so tired of asking people for rides and to borrow their cars. It was really starting to get old. With Matt traveling to New Stanton so often, I can't even take him to work anymore.

So, we bought a car...and don't worry if you read my post on Money Monday, this one has a roof!! I may be slightly weird, but I love this car. It's a little, black, 2 door, Ford Escort with 108,000 miles and it's a manual transmission...your dream car, I know. It's adorable. runs well, looks great, really clean. I told Matt I think I like this car even better than our brand new Altima we used to have. 

The car was $2,000. A steal. 

I am a little nervous. I hope it serves us well, but I think it will.

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