Friday, January 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday/Family Friday

I'm getting a little behind here.

But, I'm a very thankful girl. I can't give many details today because I have to protect myself! :) But, I'm thankful that God got me out of a huge jam this week.  I'm glad he even fixes problems that, in the grand scheme of things, aren't huge, but cause little Melissa more stress. 

I'm thankful for Matt who also helped me get through the waiting period of my stressful week.

I'm thankful for friends. We had a great time with friends last night. I will remain the self-proclaimed Speed Scrabble champion of the night - even if Alan distracted me with his sniffling and "possible" word combinations and Carli with her "Is j-e-i a word? How about z-a?" I'm thankful for the yummy food Carli made - even if my scale didn't thank me today...and for break-apart cookies :)

I'm thankful that Hannah, who is going through a "Terrible Preschooler of the Year" phase, was a sweet little angel. And, I'm thankful for the "good behavior" sticker book we've started. Seems to be working!

As for Family Friday - I just want you to remember how special the people you love are. Even though we all have our idiosyncrasies we need each other. Last week, the husband/father of a family in our church had to be rushed to the hospital for sudden very serious illness. Things went south very fast, and by the grace of God he is alive today. Another family in the church didn't fare so well. A 51 year old husband and father dropped dead in an warning, no known cause; his life was just ended abruptly leaving his family to sort out their future without him.

Don't take your beautiful family for granted. I'm so blessed with the people God has placed into my life - blood relatives or not. As you celebrate Super Bowl Sunday - make it more than a game, make it a time you spend with your loved ones - enjoy who they are - and if you feel inclined - let them know how much they mean to you. There's no time like the present!


  1. By George, I think you've got it. Perfectly worded. I Love you so much!

  2. Well I'm sorry that not everyone has the speed scrabble talents that you do. and KONES has to be a word. i know i have seen it somewhere. and as for the "yummy" food. must thank tastefully simple for that one. Great times with Great friends! We had a funtastic time with you. and by the way...i'm so spelling funtastic next game :)


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