Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tips and Hints Tuesday

I'M BACK! It's been SO LONG since I've posted because my computer died and I had to get a new one. But, I'm here now :) Enjoy Tips and Hints Tuesday - It's the new year and time to get your clutter organized. And my tip for getting motivated is to just get up and DO IT! Look at your space. UTILIZE IT...and MOST IMPORTANTLY - GET RID OF THE JUNK YOU DON'T USE!

Here's how I practiced this tip today!

Ahh, today I had a BURST of cleaning energy. I reorganized like crazy. We had already packed away some toys of Hannah's to make room for the influx Christmas would bring. Now I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't take before pictures, but I'm going to try to include after pics at least! And, after looking at the pics - we REALLY need to get some color on those walls!!!!!!

We have this 3rd bedroom...and it really annoys me. It's just a holding place for a bunch of crap until we have another baby and finish our basement. It's been called an office and a playroom and no one ever spends a lot of time in there...until now. 

We have a stereo in there and the one speaker hasn't worked for MONTHS. So I ripped it off the bookshelves, fixed the speaker (go me!) and put it on the nightstand/side table.
 I actually now use the bookshelves for some of Hannah's books and toys. Got a BUNCH of toys off of the floor. 

My sister and her husband lent Matt their PS2 since they just got a Wii, so I swapped out the 13 inch TV in there for one that had the right connections and hooked it up. The drawers underneath the TV are full of JUNK!! USELESS! I can't complain about a small house if I'm not using the space I have. So, now the first drawer holds the PS2 games and the third drawer houses Hannah's coloring books and crayons -which freed up a container in her closet....Well, that now-empty container got me thinking some more! 

I took the empty container to the floor of the linen closet where there was a cute basket filled with stuff. I put that stuff in the empty container and took the cute basket to my messy room. I have been so irritated with my MESSY vanity. I took all the stuff off the vanity, put it into my basket and it fits so nicely underneath!

Then I looked in my closet....Oh my closet. The top shelf is ALWAYS messy because I'm too short to reach it...and that's where I keep my pajamas. Then I turned to look at our dresser...FULL OF CRAP...NOT CLOTHES. So, I 
emptied it out and put all of my pants in one drawer and all of my pjs in another. (1 is now empty and the top one has dvd's and junk :)

But the top shelf of my closet was clear so I put a TINY BIT of the junk up there (candles and such) along with my sewing box (which I obviously don't use a lot). And then I realized, hey! there's enough room for the ironing board and iron in this closet! It really doesn't fit in the coat closet. 
So, that said, I got rid of 2 garbage bags of clothes I don't wear anymore and my closet is clean. You'll feel SO MUCH BETTER when you do it...so get started!

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