Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family Friday - Scrumptious Saturday

Well, Family Friday was interesting. We spend $830 for an oil change...which obviously ended up being more than an oil change...We needed struts (which we've been saving for - and rotors). Grr. I know it's not that big of a deal but we're so close to being debt free that any stinking hit moves the date back and that really bugs me. Luckily we got our tax return - so, even though that didn't change my figures (because I already had that figured into my deadline) - I got to put some cash down. We should be under $7,000 by the end of March - but I digress.

After that we stopped at Macy's...I had to return a dress Hannah got for Christmas and had $16 to spend - which isn't that much when you are talking designer brands at department stores. WELL - they had all of their clearance items buy-one-get-one-free! So I got 4 shirts for her...including a PUMA shirt with 19 cents left to spare! I love that! And she looks so darn cute!

Then we came home to make dinner and the power was out. It was only 6pm so we figured we'd wait around. I called my neighbor and she said someone hit a phone pole and it the electric company said it should be back on by seven. At quarter to NINE - the lights FINALLY came back on. We were starving. Hannah gave up and settled for a half a peanut butter sandwich and canned green beans. It was fine with her! We actually had a good time talking and playing...and thank GOODNESS Hannah's portable DVD player battery was charged!

So she went to bed, and I made the Popover Pizza Casserole recipe I posted for last week's Scrumptious Saturday. It's SOOO delish! In fact, I'm not posting a Scrumptious Saturday recipe because I REALLY want you to make that, go find it and make it.

Anyhow, after that we ate some A-MAZING Giradelli brownies I had leftover, warmed up with some Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream on top while watching Super Nanny. You can make fun - but that is my ideal Friday night! Hanging with my sweet family. 

Tonight - Saturday - we went to Shogun for Matt's sister's and dad's birthdays. I really do love it there. Hannah had fun too, and was so amazingly well behaved - even blowing kisses to the hostess! I have no idea how the HECK she was eating with chopsticks that's natural talent. Had to stop her from jumping into the coy pond though - hey you take the good with the bad. She even let the waiter try and shoot chicken into her mouth. She's a champ! Love that kid. Love my husband. God is good to me. I really have a fabulous family.

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