Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Money Monday - I spent some

The cheap chick has been blowing the dough this month.

I bought Matt one of those Super Bowl huge biggie. Then I got an evening to go out by myself. I told Matt, "I just need makeup, I'll be right back." Right back in two and a half hours.

I spend $65 on just stuff for ME. And, to some of you, that might be nothing. But, I have never in my married life, done that.

I found a bathing suit that I love. Two adorable pairs of jammies, foundation, concealer, lip gloss, hairspray, cookie mix (for Matt - they were gross)...umm, I think that's it. I think that's a LOT of stuff for $65 and I'm very excited about my new things.

I've been a little down lately and some retail therapy was JUST what I needed.

Dave Ramsey always says to have a "blow" category in your budget. You're going to blow some money each month, so at least budget it. We don't...ever...blow money. So, I don't beat myself up when I buy us a few little thrills. We've been working really hard. I'm waiting for the end of summer baby!! I really hope we're debt free by then (and maybe the beginning!)

But nonetheless - I'm not Frugal Franny on today's Money Monday. I'm Big Spender Bambi and I'm ok with that :) 

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