Monday, February 16, 2009

Money Monday -Woo Hoo!

Ahh - The taxes are D-O-N-E. We should have our refund in 7-10 days!! That's the good news.

I guess there really isn't any bad news. I was hoping for at least $2000 but we're getting a total of just under $800. I guess I was kind of expecting that. We need to have another little tax deduction so I can get some extra money back (and a sweet little bundle of joy to cuddle and love, of course!)

More good news? Ok, our last debt (besides the house) is now well under $10,000!!!! We hope to be debt free by July of this year! It's not that far away! I'm so excited.

Also, my good friend Carrie confirmed my lovely mother's news that if you get internet through Comcast, you can get free cable. OR, you can get basic for $10 a month for a year. Ahh...very tempting.

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