Monday, February 23, 2009

Money Monday

Does it bug you when companies try to charge YOU for their mistakes?

I just happened to open the prescriptions I got by mail the other day and to my SHOCK, there was 1 (read: one, single, uno, lonely little unit) pill in the bottle. Seriously...what HUMAN or..non human filled this prescription???

So I call them...on my cell phone...which only has 500 minutes per month...and I'm ON HOLD FOR 50 minutes being passed from one confused representative to another. Somehow I end up in Phoenix.

Well, apparently it's the DOCTOR'S FAULT?? Yes, my doctor, who prescribes these chemo pills a MILLION times a day prescribed me 1 pill instead of the 72 I've been getting for the past year...hmm.

So, I tell them - I don't care whose fault it is, but I need my pills overnighted by Friday and I don't think I should have to pay for it. And they act like that's not possible because it's "the doctor's fault?" 

So I say...I understand, but it's amazing that the front of the bottle says take SIX tablets a week for 3 months and no one thought it was odd that they were putting one pill into a huge bottle? COME ON!!

I refuse to PAY overnight costs when I did everything right...and they WILL overnight it to me by Friday. I have enough to pay for.

So, 52 minutes later, my friend Jason in Phoenix, Arizona, the 5th person I've been transferred too after spending 30 minutes on hold listening to Amy Grant's "Lucky One," tells me he's sorry, he's going to take care of it, he'll stay on it all day tomorrow, push it to the front, call me when it goes through, tell off the doctor, and overnight the meds at no cost to me.

Thank you Jason - I wasn't going to pay anyway...but thanks for making it easy on yourself.

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