Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spiritual Sunday - Now God

Well, I missed Spiritual Sunday, Money Monday and I have 11 minutes to bust out Tips and Hints Tuesday before the clock strikes midnight. 

Two of my favorite girls have noticed - that's about it :) 

But I will catch up.

As for Spiritual Sunday - church was awesome. One of our associate pastors, David Kennard, preached as our lead pastor was away. He, as always, is incredible. As our church moves along through "The Story" of the Bible, we're now through Daniel. Pastor David talked about Daniel and his 3 buddies Rack, Shack, and Benny (as Veggie Tales like to call them) and their rescues from the lions den and the fiery furnace respectively.

He gave an inspiring message on never wavering in your faith or giving up hope or perseverance. We can do so many things on our own, but many of us need a "now God" moment. What's a now God moment? So glad you asked! If you read these stories in the Bible, we often skim over the parts that say "now God." We look at their stories and think they're incredible, but what we fail to remember, is that these amazing rescues happen (even in the following story of Esther) because God chose to protect the people he loves, the people who stuck by Him, the people who were really trying to stay close to him - not compromising.

What really touched me about the message was when Pastor David said..."Maybe YOU need a 'now God' moment." It was almost as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. With a "now God" moment, all of the stress wouldn't be on my shoulders...And with a "now God" moment, things would be done right and I wouldn't feel the stress of my need for control. With a "Now God" moment, I can let go...let go...It's so hard to let go and let God.

I highly recommend listening to the podcast of Sunday's message. It's VERY uplifting. Go here to listen for yourself.

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