Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday - FINALLY

Well, I am thankful thankful thankful today. This is long but it's HUGE.

I went to the nutritionist yesterday. The bacteria is gone and I've been feeling sick because my system started to turn around and so I didn't need the one supplement I was taking anymore - and I was taking a huge dose of it.

Everything else checked out clear. As I mentioned in an earlier blog my spleen and small intestines have been testing weak. The spleen is the deepest part of your immune system and your intestines are second in command. 

At my last visit, the nutritionist asked me, when I was first diagnosed with my autoimmune disease, if I had been sick or if I remembered anything that might have triggered something since my disease really doesn't appear to be hereditary. This is 18 years ago, so it would be difficult to recall. But, there was one thing that has vividly stuck with me since that day. It's made no sense, but ever since I was a kid, I've connected the I told her...

Right before the iritis began I blew into a bag of white powdered pool chemicals which blew into my eyes and face. (My sister asked - "Why did you do that?" My answer was, "Because that's what I do...I'd probably do it today!) Anyhow, I clearly remember my mom immediately rinsing my eyes and face with water and that's really then end of the story. I've just always in my head connected the two even though I've just accepted the fact they are unrelated.

Well, at this visit (the one after we had the above conversation) Dr. Palombini asked her assistant to pass her the vials of environmental toxins while asking me what kind of chemicals I blew into again...Well I immediately tested weak for one of them. When they discovered which one it was (formic acid) she pulled the vial out. It only tested weak on my immune system...interesting.

So, she gives me 2 supplements to get the toxin out of my body and two more to strengthen my spleen and my immune system in general. She said she truly believes my autoimmune disease begins and ends in the spleen and that she can get rid of it! Do you know how huge this is??

Anyway, there are tons of vials to test for, so she had to look up what formic acid is. It's found in some dyes, insecticides and furniture stains...She told me to wait while she did some further research and sent me out the door with a couple printouts.

So, I go back to church to teach my junior high babies and RUN home to do my OWN research. Just out of curiosity I tried to link the formic acid and pool chemicals...I found a couple things but it was mainly confusing chemical formulas and such. 

Stay with me...

I then look at the printout the doctor gave me...The first line on the sheet says that formic acid is used as a chemical intermediate for oxalic acid. From my understanding a chemical intermediate is a chemical formed from the altering of another chemical. So, I look up oxalic acid and pool chemicals and...Guess what...BINGO

Oxalic Acid is used to treat and prevent stains on swimming pool liners. It is usually sold as a white powder. Two of the sites are actually SELLING the product...and one is a .gov site explaining it's toxicity...HIGH...Level 1.

I haven't called the nutritionist to discuss my findings with her - but do you REALIZE what this means? I've been suffering for 18 years. I've seen TONS of specialists, doctors, surgeons, and NO ONE can explain it. No one knows how to get it under control or manage it or where the heck it came from. 

Can 4 visits with a nutritionist really change my life like this? I mean, can it really give me the answers I've been looking for most of my life? Can it put an end to this disease and get me off chemotherapy? Give me another little baby? Does it mean Hannah and any future children will now be spared? The implications of this are HUGE.

My eyes have already improved in ONE month of being on the supplements. My eye pressure is lower than it has EVER been without being on a strong diuretic.

I definitely felt God telling me I needed to take care of myself. I now hear him SCREAMING at me to run with this.

The medical community wants to make our health completely scientific. Well my health is spiritual too. And anything the medical community can't explain they write off. I feel like this nutritional testing works with mind, body, and spirit...not just scientific data. They don't THROW drugs at you here - they actually test the supplements first with your body to see if they are truly what you need. Doctors just guess. Don't get me wrong. We need doctors. I would never just STOP taking my chemo meds...but I truly believe there needs to be some balance between these two communities. 

Man, I could go on all day...But, I'm just so excited. So SO SO encouraged and thankful to God for his blessings and for speaking to me so clearly, AND for giving me hope that I haven't felt in as long as I can remember. I'm so excited.

I'm also thankful to Shelly who pushed and pushed for me to do this for myself. It's so difficult to spend the money on myself (as it would be for most mom's) and that's why I think God used Hannah's success with them to get me there - since I took her there first. He knew I'd do ANYTHING for her...and she's 100% healthy now. I'm babbling - but too many things are falling into place. I hope you were able to follow and that you're able to share in my joy - which is abundant.


  1. Melissa
    I couldn't be happier for you! It is truly amazing what a nutritionist can do for your life. I have seen it with my own little guy and my own anxiety issues. Ryan's autism is almost completely healed. Will he always have difficulties, yes, but what a difference in him. You have been blessed and I am so happy that you might see an end to all the meds in the near future. Keep faith and know that you are on the right path. No matter what the cost - if you sow the seed God will nurish it, don't forget that. Your health is so important: you need to be mom and wife at the best of your abilities. I am filled with joy for you!

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  3. (I had to re-do this!) That's awesome! I can't wait to hear the results from your new findings. I may have to look into one of those nutristionists for my Mateo as he gets older. I'm pretty sure the doctors will want to medicate him for ADHD. I had the same problem with doctors vs. chiropractors. I suffered for over a year with bad pains that started in my toe and worked it's way up to my bum cheek. I was sent for x-rays, to different specialists, and even had a very painful nerve conduction test done, and they found nothing and just passed it off as nothing. I finally gave in and paid for treatments from a chiropractor and I've been pain free since this summer! Anyway, I'm really excited for you!

  4. Melissa - I'm SO happy for you - what amazing news. We'll pray that the healing continues! I'm pretty sure I'm going to call them for a consult - time to try a different avenue! Keep us posted - love you :)

  5. Hey melissa! I started reading your blog today, and I read like a week's worth of posts! Just have to say that I'm so happy for you! God is good! Also, I miss you!I'll be back soon. My boy is super fussy in the evenings, so I'm hoping that adjusts soon.


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