Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Another Clean Bathroom Tip

Nothing bugs me more than a soap scummy shower curtain and getting into a grimy tub. I never actually wash the shower curtain liner, I just throw it a way and buy a new one when it gets gross. But, I've found a way to keep it clean without spraying toxic chemicals. 

I keep a spray bottle of half peroxide/half water in the shower. At any point during my shower, I'll spray the whole curtain and the tub with the mixture. It's non toxic so it's safe to spray when you're in your birthday suit and it bubbles up and kills any mildewy bacteria, keeping your liner and your tub squeaky clean with NO elbow grease for a long time...

Love me more :)

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  1. I'll definitely have to pass this along to my mom.
    We keep a shower squeegee in one of our bathrooms, for the glass door. If you wipe it down while it's still wet (right before you get out, for example), it cuts down on soap scum big time.


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