Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wellness Wednesday -My road to health

I went to my follow up visit on  Monday and $250 later, I have my first "regimen." Basically, though there are a couple other issues present, we have to get my digestive system working properly. I'll spare you the details on that by just leaving it at: I have issues. 

So, along with an eye support supplement which I'm very exited about, she also gave me 3 other supplements for digestion. And let me tell you - they worked in LESS THAN 24 hours.

1. One puts hydrochloric acid back into your system
2. One is a digestive enzyme
3. The other is magnesium

She told me I need to start eating breakfast and drinking more water.

In the morning with breakfast I take

my eye drops
fish oil
3 digestive enzymes
2 of the hcl pills
1 eye supplement
vitamin b complex drops

mid morning I take magnesium

lunch I take 

fish oil
3 digestive enzymes

mid afternoon I take another magnesium

with dinner I take
3 digestive enzymes
2 hcl pills
1 eye supplement 
1 fish oil
1 multivitamin

bedtime  2 more eye drops

Other than the supplements tasting like garbage, I'm very excited to start being proactive with my health. I finally feel like I'm putting GOOD things into my body and not just that chemo poison. I truly feel that this is what I need to put my iritis into remission and I can't WAIT to see that happen. It has been much too long of a road!! I'll keep you all posted.

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