Friday, March 6, 2009

Family Fridays

Who says you have to spend money and go somewhere to have fun with your family? How about this warm spring day in Pittsburgh??!! I LOVED IT! 

First I woke up and went to a special "Bring-Your-Grown-Up-Friend-To-School" day with my little sweet Kylie girl. After we had LOTS of fun doing THAT we went and got Hannah Banana and went to Paradise Park for 2 hours. They have a huge sand volleyball court and the girls had a BLAST playing in there. How fun!!

Then after Matt came home, Han had a nap, and we ate dinner, we went outside and blew bubbles, played hide and seek/tag, and played in our turtle sand box. Now we're just chilling out watching Veggie Tales Jonah before bath time.

I needed an evening at home. I REALLY need to clean.

I talked to my brother tonight. I miss him! He's all the way in Houston, TX. We always have THE MOST animated and lively conversations about invigorating things....mainly, health insurance, life insurance, budgets, school loans, and becoming debt free. I know - It can be done!

He also told me he got to meet and chat with the head astronaut from Apollo 13. I guess that's the kinda stuff you get to do when you're a rocket scientist...but hey -- even rocket scientists need cool sisters.

I have a good family :)

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