Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Fridays

Ahh...I should be doing some work from home stuff today because I left early yesterday, but I just don't think I have it in me.

I didn't even exercise today. BUT, that's because I exercised for 2 hours yesterday and my body wants a break. :)

My brother is home from Texas and it's so nice. I miss him half way across the country! I wish Doreen would have been able to come with him to, but we'll get them both again in May.

So today, and yesterday, AND the rest of the weekend is family time! My mom made steaks yesterday, chicken piccata today and ribs tomorrow (which is why I worked out for the extra hour yesterday.)

My aunt and uncle and three cousins are coming over to my parents. My cousin Paula is 13 weeks pregnant and Hannah is VERY excited to see her. She said she can't wait! Hannah is incredibly OBSESSED with babies in bellies right now. She wants me to have one and she likes to pretend she has one :) She's also loving her baby dolls which I think is very cute!

We got to see my grandfather yesterday. He came over to make macaroni cake with my mom. It's a tradition and it's DELICIOUS. He's such an incredible guy. He's battling lymphoma and is doing well, but his final treatment was pretty hard on him. He's going to be 82 this year and he's a beast. You'd never guess it because he's got a chick on the side, he drives everywhere, goes on cruises, plays bocci, maintains a huge can't pin the man down! That's how my mom is...and I hope it's how I'll always be.

It was hard to seem him suffering the side effects of chemo though. It's poison, man! But, hopefully it let's him stay healthy. He's very fun to be around!

Sunday is DORA LIVE at Mellon Arena. We're SO EXCITED. Matt's sister Audra (GO AUDRA) got us grand central circle, 4th row back ON THE FLOOR! Hannah is going to LOVE IT! It'll be a good family weekend!

Do you have any family plans?

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