Monday, March 23, 2009

Money Monday - Vacuums


We've been blessed the last 2 years for the most part and now I feel like things are nickel and dime-ing us on the end of our journey to become debt free.

We need a new stinking vacuum cleaner.

Since we drained our car fund when we bought the second car, got some money in there, had an $800 car repair - drained it again...and this month's deposit for our car fund is going to a new vacuum...but only $175 or so.

I desperately want a Dyson. They are so expensive, but I've been borrowing my mom's here and there and I will tell you, I'd love it like another child. Those things are amazing. Other vacuums don't even compare!

All the reports on the other vacuums are very...well...poopy.

The only one that seems to get good reviews, and has gotten the thumbs up from Consumer Reports (with a reasonable price tag) is the Eureka Smart Boss. I can't find it in stores. They only have the BOSS SMART which has a bag and that's not an option for me. It's somewhere in the nature of $140. I hate buying things off of the internet because, since we don't have a credit card anymore, I have to use my debit card online and I just don't love doing that - but I will.

I just heard from someone on Facebook that I CAN get a Dyson for under $200. On the black market? I don't know. Would that stop me?? Gosh...we'll cross that bridge when we come to it I guess. Ha.

I'll let you know what this Budget Buster ends up looking like...Who knows how long my carpet can take all this nonsense! 

Do any of you have inexpensive vacuums that you're happy with?

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