Monday, March 9, 2009

Money Monday - A Waste Of Money

Well, it's been a crazy weekend - and an even CRAZIER Monday. I'm just too exhausted physically and emotional to "catch up" on blogs. I'm just going to start with today.

This weekend we purchased a "digital antenna" for our TV. As I've said before, we don't have cable but we do have a digital converter box. I've heard a lot of hype about digital antennas and thought purchasing one may increase the number of stations we receive, as well as the clarity of the stations we already have.

After hooking the one we purchase up to our television, I was furious! Our old rabbit ears worked MUCH BETTER than this new stinking waste of money! I then assumed they weren't digital even though we asked two different sales reps at Radio Shack and they both said they were. I just figured that you wouldn't have the "rabbit ear" type extensions  from them. I think some don't. I'm still kind of confused.

So I started researching them online, looking at reviews and such, and everyone is saying the same thing! They're a waste. Then I read that there's no difference in quality between a "digital" antenna and the rabbit ears we currently have. They use the same signal and receive them the same way, so there's virtually no difference in quality. 

Some stations are not running full signal yet, and won't until June when the switch is official. So, we should get even better reception then.

So we returned the waste of money that wasn't in the budget anyway and we're currently pretty satisfied with our metal and unsightly rabbit ears. 

Just an FYI out there for those (2) of you who still have rabbit ears like us! Save your money!

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