Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scrumptious Saturday


Since my brother has been home I gained 1.5 in ONE DAY! Ok, so maybe that's not a huge deal to some of you, but I've been really working HARD!

My mother is a cooking MACHINE! We've had steaks, potatoes, chicken, ribs, dips, appetizers, desserts, FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD and MORE FOOD!

I really lost all willpower when the jelly belly jelly beans I've been craving ended up in a gallon jug on the kitchen table. 

(WARNING - the blue and white polka dotted ones are mint. Who the crap wants a MINT jelly bean?? I'm also not a fan of COFFEE, CINNAMON, or BUBBLE GUM. So, we had a separate dish to weed out the bad flavors)

In other news, we ran around everywhere today. Hannah loved pushing around her new doll stroller in all the stores we went to. A lady even bought her a toy because she was so cute. 

We've been looking for a vacuum because ours is DONE - Only, when you want a DYSON and you only have cash for a HOOVER...well, you're out of luck.

After that we went for more family time at my parents'. A lot of family was there and Hannah had a RUDE day. I was so mad when we came home. She can be the sweetest kid in the world, and other days, she's SO RUDE! GRRR! I get so mad. I let her have it.

Tonight she prayed. "GOD (very matter-of-factly) I promise I will be a good girl." I told her not to promise God because we always make mistakes. "God, I'm sorry I was a bad girl today. Help me to be kind to people. I WILL be a good girl." She's determined, so we'll see. Oh it's so hard to be a parent. Where's the chocolate??

Eat anything yummy this weekend??

(Tomorrow's Dora Live - we promised Hannah every kid's favorite - McDonalds!)

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