Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Ahhh...I always think I'm not going to have anything NEW to be thankful for. I'm thankful every day, but sometimes it's hard to think past the basics, right? But, it never takes me long-less than 30 seconds-to think of something. I love it!

Today I am thankful for the bright sun and the semi-warm temperatures. When I got home from work, Hannah wanted to stay outside - and she wanted to play in the sandbox. I just knew when I opened that thing, that there was going to be a mouse in there! Surprisingly, there wasn't a rodent in there and it stayed really clean over the winter. She also got to jump on our neighbor's trampoline with Sarah and was very satisfied with that! The fresh air does a body good!

I'm also thankful that, for the moment, whatever the noise my car is making, isn't going to cost me money.

I'm thankful that Matt's mom's friend Elaine has been healed from rheumatoid arthritis. She hasn't taken her medicine in four weeks and is feeling great. She's even seeing the nutritionist I've been going to and likes it. I'm grateful for miracles! It reminds me that they still happen!!

I'm thankful that my sweet husband took Hannah with him to the dealership so I could have some alone time. It was very nice, but I miss them and look forward to their return.

I'm thankful for my Audra, that she was born :) Happy Birthday!!

And, lastly, I'm thankful for homemade mac and cheese. YUM!

Gotta go! My babies are home!

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