Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Little Hair Things

Wow, it's been a whole week since I've blogged. I've been really trying to cut back on the computer time and focus on the house a little more. The computer addiction really takes time away from my family. 

I've also been insanely busy - at work AND at home!

Last night I became FED UP with Hannah's hair tie collection. I had everything in a baby wipes container and it was a mess. I couldn't find anything. Plus, there were still infant head bands and barrettes that certainly don't fit in her hair any more. 

My sister gave me this Longaberger basket insert a while back and I've been wanting to use it for scrapbooking supplies but have never gotten around to it. I thought, that would be perfect for organizing hair stuff. (It's like a bead organizer.)

This isn't all of the hair stuff, I'm still finding more all over the house, but it's a fabulous start. I'm in love with it!! 

Well, after that, I became obsessed with getting her entire room organized!! And the insanity lasted until 9:00pm when Hannah just had to get to bed!

I finally cleared the junk off her dresser - above!

I moved 2 bins from her closet to an under the bed storage container (above)

Her closet may look like a mess, but I WISH I would have taken before pictures! Our closets are SO small.  It felt so good to clean it out.

So, after sharing ALL of this stuff with you, my tip for today is, if you have a little girl, you're likely to be over run with hair stuff  (hey - I have a lot too!). The bead containers are a great container to put them in so you don't go crazy searching for that matching barrette!

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  1. Oh Melissa, I love reading back over your blogs! Very enjoyable!


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