Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wellness Wednesday - Helping Along A Cold

Poor Hannah has been struggling with a NASTY cold. Poor thing. She hardly ever gets sick, so when she does, she gets totally babied! She loves it and totally milks it for all it's worth.

I'm praying I don't get this nasty cold. It's made it's way around everyone I know!

I don't know why no one listens to me when I give them this tip. I don't know if they don't BELIEVE me or what, but I promise you this works!

The next time you start to get a cold, go buy some pineapple juice and drink a bunch! You will instantly feel better, your cold will go away quicker and you WILL thank me.

Why is this some sort of miracle cold potion? It's not. It's actually pretty logical. Pineapple juice has twice the vitamin C that orange juice has and it's not as acidic - so it doesn't upset your stomach. It helps to clear away mucus so it's not resting on your voice box making your sore throat worse.

It's $2 - What do you have to lose besides your cold!

Other things we take a lot of when we're feeling sick: 3000-4000 mg of fish oil per day and garlic pills. Both boost your immune system!

Happy Wellness Wednesday!


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  2. Still pushing the pinapple juice I see! How much commission do you get from Dole, Melissa?


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