Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wellness Wednesday - More Good Deodorant

I know I posted about this before but I've found another natural deodorant that you can buy in a regular store, has no scent, and in my opinion works BETTER than regular antiperspirant. It's salt based. 

I'm actually able to wear my shirts more than once. Maybe you all can do that anyway, but I can't stand the smell of stale deodorant on my shirts.

This stuff is awesome. It's called Crystal and it's number one in all the environmental and safety testing mumbo jumbo. 

It really is better for you. I think you can get it pretty much anywhere - like Walgreens and such. Don't ignore me...Why not get something that works BETTER than the bad stuff!

Item 2 on the agenda for wellness Wednesday is...I lost 4 pounds in the past week! I've been eating three meals, a snack AND dessert every day! How did I do it then? Well, I'm a HUGE eater with decent metabolism. I can eat more than the average dinosaur does in one day. So I eliminated second helpings, exercise 40-60 minutes a day and write down EVERYTHING I'm eating. It just works! I've lost weight every day! And - some days I eat 3 cookies for dessert!

Item 3 - Update on my health - I have none. I've been in between doctor's and nutritionist's visits. I'm praying for a fabulous report from both next time I go. I did have one possible pressure spike after a lack of enough sleep...and my digestive track is a little off, which I'm really trying to work on. I'll keep you posted. 

Item 4 - WHO COULDN'T have a wellness Wednesday on a day like today? In Pittsburgh it's 70 degrees and sunny! I don't know about you, but that makes a good mood for me. 

Hannah's calling me from her nap. Gotta run! No time to proof! Sorry for typos!

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