Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Money Monday - Painting

Well, we've finally made the decision to finish painting the interior of the house. Matt told me to budget for it next month, so we're going to do it May 2. I'll post pictures. It's an inexpensive way to really change things up in the house. 

I'm definitely going to spend a few extra dollars to get corner guards. Our house was built before lead paint became illegal so it needs covered up completely and I'm a little aggressive with the vacuum cleaner!

We're going with some sort of darker than neutral tan - but not too dark for the living room, hallway and our bedroom. Hannah wants pink in her room so we're going with a pale shade there.

I'm VERY excited! Since Hannah's preschool tuition is finished until next year, we'll probably use that money for the paint! Hooray!

Congrats to my brother and his wife who, as of this week, will be completely DEBT FREE! GO RICK AND DOREEN!! Congrats! (not that he ever reads my blog - he makes fun by following as "dragon slayer.")

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