Monday, April 27, 2009

Money Monday

Well, I just checked how much debt we've paid off so far this year and it's almost $8000 in 4 months! That's $2000 a month! 

I just sit there and stare at it because I'm discouraged and keep thinking that, by staring at it, some idea will mysteriously pop into my head about how to get rid of the debt faster!

I'm trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of the budget this month to get some pictures developed. We'll see if I can manage. 

Matt needed to go buy oil and gas for the lawn mower, the oil change was more than I budgeted for...and so on and so on.

Not that we expected any different, but when Matt took the car in for an oil change, they had a lot to say about the car.

The car is over 10 years old and we paid $2000 for it. We knew it was a junker...but apparently it's rusted underneath blah blah blah, radiator might fall on the ground...blah blah blah....It's not due for inspection until next January - so that's when I'm going to worry about it.

Until then, we need to boost up that savings account so that we're poised and ready when it's time to trash that thing! So far, out car fund has a whopping $185 in it. I know - we're big savers.

Since we're talking about money today, I must mention I was SO BUMMED I missed Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope. Did anyone see it??

Oh, and last but not least. We got an estimate from a plumber on how much it'd cost to dig a shower and a sink drain in your basement (the toilet is already there.) I'm thinking $1000 or so? MAYBE $1500.

Here goes. $3850 TO DIG A COUPLE OF DRAINS???!!!!! 

Yeah right.

Does anyone have a jackhammer? 

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