Monday, April 6, 2009

Spiritual Sunday

Sunday's service was so emotional to me.

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on that infamous donkey and everybody worshipped him, laying down palm branches and shouting "Hosanna!" meaning "God Save Us!" they STILL had no idea who Jesus was! 

Their hopes were such that Jesus was riding through to overthrow the political powers as the Macabees (the Hanukah guys) had done years before. Then as Jesus proved that he was here to do just the opposite, some of those same people, days later, were with the crowd yelling "Crucify him!" 

It just makes my heart sick. Did we NEVER have it right? Will we never GET it right?

This Easter season is tugging at my heart strings. I'm glad about it. After so many years of trying to follow Jesus, sometimes I think the story loses its passion - and that just CAN'T happen. It's always new, it's always moving, it's timeless, and it's unfathomable, incomprehensible. (Do you want some MORE adjectives?)

We keep trying to explain the story to Hannah. Amidst the questions about whether or not the Easter bunny is coming to our house and if he's going to hide her basket (which I better start buying stuff for!) we're trying to instill that true meaning - and I believe she's getting it because she's asking questions. She wants to hear the stories about Jesus while he was here. She especially likes the one where he tells the children to come to him and all the grownups that they should be more like the little kids!

In fact, she even told her own story tonight...about Jesus - which leads me to believe she thinks I'm making MY stories up!

Her story went a bit like this.

Jesus was wearing swimming suit. He was an EXPERT swimmer and he wanted to go on a safari NOW!

So we was looking for the kids on the farm because the farm animals were good helpers. The kids were looking for him ALL night and they were hungry because someone took their food (I just told her the story about when Jesus feeds 5000). 

They saw Jesus and said "We've been looking for you all night Jesus! Someone took the food and we can take turns."

"I'll wash my hands."

"I'll get the ingredients."

"I'll stir!" 

and so on and so on and so on....

Hannah's stories continue on through the night - as long as she can avoid bedtime! It was a very funny story though - I was trying not to let her see me chuckle!

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