Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday


I am thankful for this gorgeous day.

I'm also thankful I got many things accomplished today....

I'm thankful Hannah wasn't hurt worse.

I took Hannah to the park after leaving work early. She grabs a torn apart energy drink can and cuts her finger on it. People are stinking morons. Who would leave a jagged piece of a can IN A SAND BOX!? I could punch someone. She's napping and her cut is cleaned and bandaged, but I don't know if she needs stitches. It was still bleeding after we got home and cleaned it out.

And another thing - it's also very discouraging and annoying when you put your life's energy into something and your own family has to sacrifice for it, and people knock you down. Those people can just exit my life. NO THANK YOU.

I am thankful for my life but today - I am annoyed.

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