Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Well, it was a rough morning.

I did NOT get the news I was desperately hoping for from my eye doctor. Everything is the same and my pressure is slightly elevated. I know why the pressure went up a little (not high, just elevated)...I barely slept 5 hours last night...and what sleep I got was fitful because there was a very small foot in my back and hand up my nose. Lack of sleep elevates my pressure.

So, I was sad.

And then I walked to my car and from a good distance away I saw the lovely parking ticket on my windshield.

I can really complain because I've parked illegally there for years so I don't have to pay for parking and this is my first ticket. It's still worth it.

That said. The rest of the day was very good. Aside from having a very emotional and antisocial rest-of-the-morning and Hannah having some silly cold, the day was very good.

My Thankful List:

1. Hannah was a COMPLETE ANGEL at the doctor's office. AND I MEAN ANGEL. She was so good. We read Highlights magazine...Thank God for those...I think I may subscribe!
2. The weather today - GORGEOUS.
3. Hannah was very good at the office even though SOMEONE taught her that stupid filet of fish commercial jingle.
4. We got to play at the park.
5. Matt made dinner.
6. Our debt is now down too $5000.
7. We got to see our cutie Kylie in her musical and Hannah was very behaved.
8. We got to spend time with our friends and Hannah and Ky got to play together...AND Hannah was very well-behaved.
9. And - I don't know if Carrie reads this blog, but Braden ate a french fry...and not just ANY french fry...MY french fry :)

So - to sum it up...the good FAR outweighs the bad! I will keep counting on God for his healing because I know it's coming.

Thank you to those who pray for me.

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  1. give me back that filet of have to admit, it's the catchiest jingle McDonalds has had in a long time! We like that around this house, too!


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