Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Well, I have a lot to be thankful for today.

I'm feeling pretty good but I'm battling a cold. Going to the nutritionist has amazingly shortened the duration and severity of illnesses which is lovely.

I'm in Erie right now for work...staff and planning retreat. Some of us came up a day early to plan. Matt and the rest of the staff will come tomorrow night.

I miss my baby and REALLY hope she does ok without mom and dad. I left her my blankie and some other things to comfort her...and grandma has some tricks up her sleeve too.

Hannah said to me today "Bye mom...I hope you come back!" haha

But on to thankfulness:

I'm thankful Matt doesn't need surgery on his knees! He's been battling knee and ankle pain for 3 years. We're not totally sure what happened, but he was playing with Hannah one night and something snapped. Poor thing. We've never gotten it taken care of and it's gotten progressively worse! He wraps his knees to iron his work clothes. The other day he was walking through the living room, I heard something pop and he fell on the floor. That was it for me. I know we've been focused on my health and so much money is going to make me well again, but he can't live like this.

I made him an appointment to see the Steelers orthopedic doc. Apparently he has something called tendonopathy in both knees and one ankle. NO SURGERY which is good, but he was sent home with an Rx for a pain killer and 6 weeks of physical therapy 2-3 times per week...and no stairs.

I'm glad we have a  diagnosis and a prescription for better health. I want my baby well again.

I'm also grateful for a refreshing time away and pray that I'm able to get recharged this weekend. I pray my little baby has a great time having sleepovers with grandma! :) I miss her!

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