Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wellness Wednesday - Choosing an exercise strategy

Do you have a regular workout routine?

If not, why? I know it's hard to make it part of your routine, but once you do, it's a permanent fixture in your day.

When I workout, I MUST use a video. If not, I just don't push myself hard enough. If I do 30 minutes on our recumbent bike, I'll quit even if I've barely broken a sweat and managed to read a magazine the whole time.

I recommend finding a video with a few routines on it.

For instance, the one I use most often was made by Beach Body for the Slim in 6 program.

It has 3 routines on it, plus a stretching routine and an abs routine that are separate.

The 3 routines increase in length of time AS WELL AS intensity.

Start it Up is 25 minutes 
Ramp it Up is 47 minutes
Burn it Up is 60 minutes - I've finally worked up to this one and can now get through it without cursing at the instructor.

Now, if I'm short on time, I'll do the short video with ankle weights on to give me a challenge and a better workout.

A lot of times we kid ourselves into thinking we're working out.

Here are some tips -

You want to break a sweat. I've you're not sweating - you're not exercising. (Maybe that's just my opinion - please no hate mail from power walkers!)

At some point during your workout you shouldn't be able to have a lengthy conversation aside from one word answers. Try to maintain this level for a few minutes and work your way up to longer. You want to reach your target heart rate! Find that number here.

I don't like to put an amount of time on the length of exercise should be. It's more about effort and consistency than time. You'll build that up!

It's a GOOD thing to feel a little sore the next day. It means your building muscle. DON'T SKIP EXERCISING because your body is tired from the day before! Once you start I promise your muscles will warm up and actually feel better. No joke!

One you get used to exercising regularly, start using some resistance. I've used anything from ankle weights, to soup cans, to resistance bands. In fact, the other day, Hannah brought me 2 jars of sauce when I said I was going to exercise! You'll start to see your body change when you start using resistance. You burn more calories and build muscle tone when you do!

If you have ON DEMAND, there are a TON of workout videos on there. Start small and build up! You have a world of videos and your fingertips!!

Get moving!

...and by the way. This is my opinion and what's worked for me. Don't sue me if you die using my suggestions. :)

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