Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wellness Wednesday - Stretching

I've always thought stretching is overrated. I'm sometimes even tempted to shut off my workout videos during the cool down because it's boring and doesn't seem to do much.

I am wrong of course.

I recently stepped up my workout routine to 60 minutes of intense cardio. It's time. It's also hard. I feel so disgusting afterward. Anyway, today I decided not to exercise to give my body a break since my muscles are so sore, but I always feel guilty taking days off.

One of the videos I use has a 15 minute stretching segment on it. I thought, so I know I did SOMETHING today, I'd try it. Hannah did it with me :)

Well, for goodness sake, why haven't I been stretching.

It felt so good and really stretched all the muscles I've been abusing. I've noticed recently that my muscles are really tight and just 15 minutes of stretching is relaxing and really helps the soreness.

So, don't forget stretching. It's good for mind and body!

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