Friday, May 22, 2009

Family Friday - Oh The Memories

Tonight is the rehearsal dinner for our friends' wedding. Hannah is one of the flower girls.

This will bring back so many memories of 10 years ago when I met the man (or then, boy) who I'd start my family with.
It's the same church.

Same Pastor.

The bride and groom are former students I was mentoring at the time who are now close friends of ours.

And now my daughter is the flower girl. It's just seems surreal to me. Maybe I'm being overly sentimental, it's just a little emotional to me. I feel like I'm getting old :)

Anyhow - this weekend just reminds me of my adoration for my family and for the God who blessed me with them!

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  1. You guys look like babies iin the picture!!!! I love it! Can you beleive how time flies?????


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