Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Friday

Good day!

Hannah and I got to spend the ENTIRE day together. She just kept telling me how much she loves spending time with me. I love spending time with her too!

We went to buy paint, went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a gift for Miss Carli's shower, sold some clothes at Once Upon a Child, went to Sam's Club. Then we were tired!

We came home, Hannah went down for a nap while I cleaned the kitchen and made the fabulous banana bread recipe you're all going to get tomorrow!

I did some laundry before she woke up and then we played Go Fish (or Gold Fish if you're Hannah).

Matt got home, we ate dinner and he got right to painting.  I have some pictures I need to get on this post! We should finish the second coats tomorrow. We're painting our white walls in the living room hallway and master bedroom "mocha" and Hannah's room "Alyssum "(or asylum if you're Carrie and me) Pink.

Hannah and I were in the way so we played in the sandbox and went for a walk where we met some neighbors and their cute little bunny named "Bunny". Hannah loved that! Then we stopped over my sister's so the kids could play together. We came home and after Hannah went to bed I helped Matt paint.

 I'm loving the color and not loving the wood trim in my house and I'm really wanting a new front door! We had so much fun know...It's 12:30am and you're getting giddy, sloppy and hungry. That's where we are right at the moment! I realize my pictures are blurry. They're from my phone!

I love my family so much! How blessed I am!

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