Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Oh my goodness.
I'm the most thankful person on the planet today!!!!

I'm thankful.
I'm thankful to be a mom.
I'm thankful to be a mom of the most fantastic little girl on the PLANET!

At her school today they had a Mother's Day breakfast and it was SO CUTE!

Hannah has been so excited to have me at school with her and I must admit, I was just as excited to go.

Her teachers made a huge breakfast with yummy home made waffles! Delish! Hannah made me a little potted plant, a hand print, and a cute little survey that asked lots of questions about Mommy. (For those of you who want to know - I am 10 inches tall and 4lbs, and my favorite show is Dora). We even got to do a craft together!

The kids sang two ADORABLE songs - which melted my heart. Hannah watched me the whole time she sang and ran to me after. Oh my, there's just nothing better!
"I'll hug you mom till my arms wear out!"

After the little program and breakfast the kids were running around. The teacher asked them to stop and I was the only parent who made my kid stop running - so Hannah was the ONLY kid not playing with the others - which bugs me. Hello parents, that's just like telling your kids they don't have to listen to their teachers!!!

Hannah was sad so I gave her my camera to take pictures on...and guess what I found when I scrolled through them....ONE OF THE OTHER MOTHER'S BREAST FEEDING. I'm so tempted to post the picture, but I can't for the woman's sake. But, man, that kid is SOMETHING! SO FUNNY!

I love my life!

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