Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wellness Wednesday

Hannah and I both had an appointment at the nutritionist today.

$200 later - We're both doing well.

I was clear of any weakness! Woo hoo! Very exciting.

Hannah is doing well too! 

That's said, I'm emotionally drained. Hannah's behavior was not good today. She does so much better when she has more of my attention.

I'm so anxious about my eyes. I can't remember if I blogged before that I'm now taking LESS CHEMO! One less pill a week. 

I just can't help being anxious. My eye is a little achy and I can't tell if it's just allergy stuff or what. I'm so nervous.

I just pray that God is healing my body and have faith that he's doing it.

I also feel stupid at something I said to the nutritionist. I was thanking her for all she's done, because I know God lead me to them and they've had a huge hand in my health...but I was like "I owe you guys everything." Which made me want to kick myself as soon as I said it, because I owe GOD everything...but I didn't know how to back pedal. I was just trying to say thank you and THAT's the stuff that always comes out my mouth that will needle me forever! It'll have me questioning - Am I like Moses and I won't be healed (or let into the promise land) because in the moment I didn't give God the glory???  

I know, I know, this is what I do to myself. This is what the anxiety does to me and it's so unhealthy. Obviously my motives were pure and I was just trying to say thank you, but BLAH BLAH BLAH.... 

I felt stupid.

So for those of you who still love me, please continue to pray with me for my health. Please pray specifically that, as the chemo is decreased, that the inflammation and pressure will not increase.

Thank you loves!

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  1. I love you partly for the things you say. You always say the coolest things. As for the saying something like that and immediately realizing the mistake...I have been there, too. Ask forgiveness and move on. I bet that next time, you'll catch it before it slips out. I'm not really a betting person at all, but I also "bet" that the Dr. office employee never even gave a second thought to your gushing sentiment of thankfulness. Praying that your eyes are healthy!


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