Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family Friday - Kennywood

I'm sorry I'm a day late, but isn't it worth it!? Yesterday, we went to Kennywood. A friend of ours got us free tickets and free dinner. We were in and out of there and spent only $12 the whole day.

We had a blast. We need more family time together, and what a day! It was gloomy and cool but NO RAIN, and the skies cleared out around 6pm and we saw some blue. It was perfect weather! Kennywood can get NASTY when it's too hot.

Hannah was a little tired earlier in the day. I don't know why, because she took a nap at 11am!! But, by the time we were about to leave last night, she caught a second wind and was RUNNING through the park.

Enjoy some pictures from our day.

Ok, a little over-dramatic for the whip? She was cracking the ride attendant up. She pulled her down do ear level and yelled. "THE BEST THING TO DO IS RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!"

On the Kangaroo. This kid has NO FEAR. She doesn't want to hold on, and doesn't want YOU to hold on to her!

My favorite picture of Matt and Han. Like I said, she was tired earlier in the day and was zoned out as they both watched the Kangaroo.

Our first ride of the day. The Paratrooper! I loved see her in awe when we went up really high - she was so excited! It was the only ride she let me hold her close on!

What a great day! We got home just in time to watch the end of the hockey game. Go Pens! I truly love my family. We're a good crew. I love days when we get to spend time together - which is not enough. 

Well, off to work all day on a Saturday...


  1. That looked like a wonderful family day. God Bless you guys. You are awesome


  2. sounds like a perfect day to me!!!!

  3. I enjoyed the pics! Especially the B&W of Matt and Han. The Paratrooper scares me!


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