Thursday, June 4, 2009

Family Friday

Well, Ricky and Doreen go home today :(

I really wish they lived up here! Hopefully soon enough!

Yesterday we celebrated our birthdays. 

It was a pretty nice day. Mom made steaks and salmon on the grill and we had ice cream cake for dessert. My parents gave us money to go out to eat - I'm thinking the Melting Pot!!!!! 

Rick and Doreen took us shopping for clothes. 

And Shari and Mike got me an awesome charm bracelet from Brighton. The charms slide on...very awesome. I've already put my charm requests in for the future...and as I write this, the Pens are winning...although I don't know how the game will end at this point.

I'm physically and emotionally drained. I'm so looking forward to having a day AT HOME today to get my house in order and hang with my kid. I had her at work with me for 2 days in a row and she is truly amazing!! We'll see what I get done.

I have a feeling we'll spend much of the day on Han's new trampoline from her buddy Donna! This is how Hannah would dress everywhere if I let her have her way! Self expression all the way baby!

A picture before we went to a wedding last weekend!

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