Monday, June 8, 2009

Money Monday - Raise

Woo Hoo!

Matt got his raise! Nothing extraordinary but it'll bump us up a bit and at the end of the month his raise will be retroactive back to the first of the month and he'll get his bonus - which is nice.

We got the car back and had to take it in for something else but it's still making some weird noise. 

Matt's fighting with NTB because the noise the car is making only started AFTER they "fixed" the alternator. So he's going to try to MAKE them fix it. We'll see how it goes...He's WAY MORE persistent than I am when it comes to this stuff.

It's all about the money folks!

I've been so depressed this month because I was hoping Matt's bonus would be more and we could pay off the rest of my school loan this month. Not only was it LESS than I was hoping, but we've had $600 in car repairs that wasn't planned for. I know - boo hoo, right? 

We're blessed, we're able to pay for this stuff without going further into debt, but I'm just getting tired. I keep saying it in these blog posts, but it's true. It's actually starting to depress me. I EVEN FORGOT TO PAY THE MORTGAGE. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. I just haven't wanted to look at the budget and checkbook because I'm having a pity party for myself...

I REALLY need to stop. I'm being a brat and I realize that. I'm just tired of trying SO HARD. I just want to be done!

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  1. I stumbled across this and felt a little better knowing someone felt the same way! I'm in a pretty good situation, financially, but I've been trying my hardest to pay down my debt and just got whacked with $500-600 in car repairs and a $700 emergency room's depressing. And people keep telling me I'm lucky I can pay it off, even if it takes some time, but it saddens me because I've been working so hard to pay down my bills and now feel guilty whenever I but something little for myself when I need some cheering up.


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