Monday, June 29, 2009

Money Monday

Oh well, since Matt didn't get his physical therapy bill this month, I had the money budget for it put onto the school loan, which is now down to $1560. I wanna pay that SUCKER off! JULY 16 BABY!!

We'll get Matt's bonus and retroactive raise in the mail tomorrow and I'll owe my sister money for mom's big 50th birthday girls night at Seven Springs at the end of the month! That's gonna be a blast...fancy dinners, shopping and MASSAGES!

I have no food in my fridge. I have to go shopping tomorrow. I really tried to meal plan for this shopping trip because I have a feeling I'm going to spend more money. 

I want Matt to start eating healthier breakfasts, so I'm going to have to spring for the ingredients to make and freeze breakfast sandwiches. He's always exhausted during the day and a healthy breakfast (that does not consist of poptarts and chocolate chip granola bars) may be the answer.

I have yet to budget for July. Lot's of miscellaneous expenses. Better get on that :)

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