Monday, June 15, 2009

Tips and HInts Tuesday - Middle School

So, I realize that most middle school students do not read my blog. 

I am ok with that. But, on the off chance that one does, and for your own amusement and awareness, I'm going to let you ALL in on a little secret.

I am currently leading the junior high service at our church (which is actually breaking for the summer.) I like to try to keep up on current junior high-type stuff. I am reading a book called, "Surviving Middle School" and I just read a paragraph that, at first made me laugh out loud, and second, made me want to cry a little. 

The paragraph is discussing how to find an adult in middle school when the kids are starting to look like adults themselves - very confusing.

"When you needed help in grade school, you could always ask an adult. Adults were easy to spot because they were much taller than everyone else. But in Middle School, finding an adult by size alone is a bit harder since some kids are already about as tall as their teachers. This means that for you to get an adult's help, you will have to find someone who looks old or has bad hair."

So, for you students who are in middle school - take this as a helpful tip.

And, for you adults you may:

1. ...want to feel old and like you  have bad hair (along with me.) - May I just point out that I am rocking a very nifty side pony with 2 of Hannah's barrettes today?  Now, that spells C-O-O-L.
2. ...want to purchase this book if you have a student entering Middle School. The author is Rick Bundschuh and I believe he had help from his Middle School children writing the book.

Some of the topics he addresses:

Making decisions
Dealing with peers
Dealing with Authority
"How to avoid being a jerk"

This is worded very well for kids and is divided into short segments. It's light and very comical but it does NOT shy away from serious issues and deals directly with them. No dancing around topics here! If you are interested in reading it, you may borrow my copy, or I can help you get your hands on one.

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