Monday, June 29, 2009

Tips and Hints Tuesday - Say Cheese

Ok, before I begin this post I have to state my defense. Even though I'm always a slob, I actually have the fireworks tent as an excuse right now, so please don't think less of me.

First off, I have a very difficult time becoming motivated to clean. It just all seems overwhelming, and if I can't get it all done perfectly now, I just don't see any point in starting.

Another problem I have is room jumping. I have a hard time staying in one room until it's completely clean...I'll room hop and nothing really ever gets done even though it seems like I've been cleaning for hours. 

Here's an interesting solution. Take before and after pictures. Yes, I said it...and you wouldn't believe how difficult it has been for me to post these pictures. I feel like I have some sort of image to uphold or something, and posting pictures of my disastrous house would shatter that. And, I feel like, even though people say their house is a wreck, it can't possibly be as bad as mine!

So, here they of my filth...but I must say, taking pictures helped me to stay in one room until it was clean...and it has motivated me to keep it clean - because now people know the truth about me!

I have been going through the house and packing things away and getting ready to donate a bunch of stuff to Good Will - that's what most of this stuff is. AWFUL, I know! Gotta love the crayons and hula hoop on the floor.
And the room that's always the worst and takes the longest...the kitchen.

I had to leave the crockpot. Our dinner was cooking in it!

I feel like I've just been in a confessional! 


  1. You're so funny! Wanna know what else is funny? I decided to do the same thing some time this week! Only it was in that room that ends up the toss everything room. I want to make it into a playroom for the kids. The only problem is that I took the before pics and still haven't done more than 10 minutes work in it, so it is still a wreck. Funny that we both had the same idea this week! Glad it worked for you. I can always blame the baby that I didn't get mine done. For real. I think I'm going to tackle it after princess camp, and I may have to wear a Baby Bjorn to accomplish that.

  2. funny! my word verification for the above post was curtiseu! Curt, I see you! ha ha! Ok, now I have to go do another one for this post.


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