Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wellness Wednesday - The Dreaded Appointment!

I swear, I would never schedule my yearly appointment if I didn't have to go to get a prescription!

But, it draws near so quickly each year!

I do have to say. I just love my doctor. So many of them rush you in and out of the office, but my doctor takes time to answer your questions and discuss your life. The first thing he always asks me is "How are things at home?" I love that.

Also, with the history of breast cancer so prominent in my family (mom and two aunts) he's so cautious, that I'm less anxious and relaxed about the whole thing. He encouraged me to come in whenever I feel nervous, if I feel a lump or not. He told me never to feel like I'm crying wolf. He also takes a lot of early precautionary measures that really put my mind at ease.

He also asked me if we were planning to have another child. I told him we want to as soon as I can get off of this methotrexate! He explained to me that people with autoimmune diseases can have a period of remission as I did during pregnancy. This is why: your immune system technically should REJECT a pregnancy because it's a foreign body with someone else's DNA, but miraculously it adjusts to accommodate the baby so your body doesn't attack itself (like it does with an autoimmune disease). So, often, people's body's calm down during this time, but like me, things flare up after delivery. I just thought that was interesting.

He sincerely added he hope's he sees me in there soon with a baby in my belly, which was so kind. He told me when I'm off the methotrexate that I should be off the pill for 2 months and be taking a multi vitamin with folic acid. 

He just spend time with me and really put me at ease about my health. How important is that?? It's imperative for good healthcare! 

If you're not happy with your doctor, find a new one! You deserve to have quality care.

Final Note: I sent another very important and satisfied person to my amazing nutritionist! GO SHARI!!!

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