Sunday, July 5, 2009

Money Monday

12 days folks! 12 days until we are DEBT FREE! I can't wait.

I just called and scheduled our 1 hour Swedish Massage at Seven Springs for my mom and sister for my mom's 50th birthday girls weekend!!! DELIGHTFUL!

The fireworks tent is finally over. I think when it's all said and done, we'll make about $4000 dollars for the new student facility. We didn't do as well as last year, but we still did well.

I'm tired!!! 

I was already feeling like a bad parent BEFORE the fireworks tent...and now that my daughter's spent about 100 hours there the last 2 weeks, I REALLY feel like a bad parent.

Tell me I'm not the only one overcome with anxiousness and the feeling that nothing is in my control, everything is falling apart, and what I do try to handle turns to mush! Anyone EVER feel like that??

She's going to VBS for the week and I'm hoping that's a GOOD thing for her and not something she's too worn out to do. 

She was a real trooper! She took naps there, played, ate, lived and BREATHED the tent! She loved it when her friends came up to play too! This morning, when we started packing things up, she was almost in tears hoarding her favorite fireworks behind the register!

Now look at this picture and tell me she's not hard core, sleeping crammed under a table of fireworks on a cot. People would shop right over her head, kids would be loud and trains would blast through the area! Love this kid! She's unfazed! 
I'm overly exhausted, insecure, drained and emotional. I'm day dreaming of my vacation to Disney which seems so far away! Hoping we can stay on budget this month!! Gotta pay for that room in August!! (THANK YOU ROB AND JILL - our awesome friends who are helping us plan our vacation and get a SWEET deal!)


  1. debt free in 12 days??????????????????? thast amazing!!!!

  2. i would love to have memories as a kid hanging out with my mom at the fireworks tent and going to work with her a lot at the church.. i think that while you may feel guilty that Han will treasure these memories when she is older.. just my two cents.. you are an awesome mom..


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