Sunday, July 12, 2009

Money Monday

It's a big week! This coming Thursday Matt and I will make the final payment on our last school loan and our last debt besides our mortgage!

At midnight on Wednesday night, I'll put the last $1563 toward that beast of a loan and jump for joy and the freedom! We're going to try to call Dave Ramsey to scream "WE'RE DEBT FRE
EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" on the radio - only because we're huge dorks.

Shortly after that we will pay for our Disney hotel room and buy plane tickets....AHHHH! I'm so stinking excited!

Anyhow - I thought one little incident might last week might mess up our debt freedom, but it didn't...On Thursday night at worship rehearsal, I was arm wrestling a student (don't ask). With my free hand I was squeezing the table SO HARD that I bent my platinum engagement ring RIGHT INTO MY FINGER!

I didn't realize it happened until I was almost home and it felt weird. I struggled to get the ring off and and once I did, my knuckle was bruised and swollen. I wanted to cry. I took the ring down on Saturday to our jeweler down at the Clark Building on Liberty Ave. (Banner & Banner). I wouldn't buy diamonds ANYWHERE else and I wouldn't let anyone else touch my ring. They pounded my ring out, cleaned it, and buffed it FOR FREE. I almost cried when I saw it, after telling the miracle worker how much I loved her (I wish I was joking about that.)

So, while she was working her magic, I decided to check out the anniversary bands. I've been checking them out for a LOOOONG time because I want I diamond band to go between my engagement and wedding bands. It's really hard to find one because I have a three stone engagement ring and I'm picky. I want it to fit perfectly and look like and punch of sparkly diamonds I look at my hand to admire it.

Oooh, I FOUND IT!!!!!! I FOUND THE RING! The one they have I plan to take one of the diamonds out so it fits widthwise with my engagement ring BUT I FOUND IT! 

Now, let me just say - I'm a plain girl. Low maintenance. Not very girly. Not much make fancy clothes...pony tail - you get the picture. But when it comes to diamonds, I'm a snob. Holy cow I love them. My eyes took me right to the top of line anniversary bands. Top quality diamonds. I'm a sucker. This beast is going to set us back about $2000 (She's calling with the final price Tuesday.)

Who knows when I'll actually see the thing on my finger, but I found it, and it's mine...Now I just need to start saving - after vacation and my finished basement...maybe next year??

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  1. Good news! The ring is only going to cost $1300!!


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