Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Pappap Carl

My mom's dad is really awesome.

He's going to be 81 next month and he rocks. I miss my grandma like crazy. She was awesome, but the silver lining in losing her 7 years ago, is getting to know my grandfather better. 

He's got a girlfriend, plays bocce, goes places like Cancun and Atlantic City, has a STINKING SWEET three tiered garden. People WISH they knew what he knows about stuff. 

He drives a sporty black car and he adores his family. He makes the best spaghetti, macaroni cake, spinach patties, and roast chicken (just to name a few)...if you like garlic that is!

When we were kids he used to take us to Dairy Queen in his bumpy yellow truck for Star Kisses...Is that what they were called? They had Dennis the Menace on them.

This man is a BEAST! 

...and he's in the hospital. GRRR. About 15 years ago he had heart bypass surgery and those don't last forever. He also has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It's in remission as far as we know, but he's been struggling with some health stuff, and they're not totally sure what's going on. 

Whatever it is, I love this guy. I wish you all could know him. I wish I knew him better. I pray he gets well quick. This guy does NOT like to be tied down.

Here's a picture of Pappap Carl and Hannah at the hospital. She wanted to climb into his hospital bed and watch TV with my "pap." It made his day and was so sweet.

Oh, and one last thing I'm thankful for...


Oh, and more thing...I'm thankful for Matt. Today is also the 10th anniversary of our first date...Maybe I'll blog about that tomorrow... :) Good day!

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