Friday, August 28, 2009

Family Friday - Doctor Visit

I'm enjoying the holistic lifestyle that my family is moving toward, but I doubt I'll ever stop seeking the counsel of the medical community or vaccinating my children. I suppose I like a balance.

Hannah had her 4 year well-visit today. WHAT A CHAMP!

They measured her at 38.5 inches which is only the 25% for height. I think she's taller than that though because we measure her all the time. She was bowing her head down when they were measuring her. We always get almost an inch more, but she's still shorter than average. She doesn't really have a choice in this family!

She lost a pound from last year which is unusual but ok. Last year she was in the 50-75% for both her height and weight but her BMI was a little high. This year it's perfect and the doctor told me to keep doing what I'm doing! I love to hear that, especially when I get so much flack for how I feed my kid!

They did a vision test and her vision is good! Same as last year 20/25.

She was a real trooper. She didn't fight anything and very cooperative. She was nervous about "where" the doctor was going to check her and about getting shots. She asked everyone was talked to if she was getting one and they all did what I had been doing - changing the subject!

She got the nasty shot too. DTP with Tetanus. That one burns going in and hurts for days! All she said was "ow!" and that was it! I'm so proud of her!

So, Dr. Ogle said she's perfect! I like to think so too. Enjoy a little picture of her faking a traumatic look!

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