Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Friday - Pile of Doodie

Ok, before you judge me on this video, I need to mention a few things.

1. If you're offended by potty talk, don't bother watching.
2. This video was taken in the bathroom at work. Matt was on his business trip and I was tired and stressed. This cracked us both up for some sick reason.
3. Hannah has always fought stomach issues, so when she has a good poop, we celebrate.
4. She wanted some privacy, so she locked herself in the stall and called me in when she was done. When I walked in, she was standing just like she is in the video, proudly displaying her doodie. So I laughed and said, "Hannah, you look like you're about to say, 'Behold, my pile of doodie.'" After a stressful morning, this struck us both funny so I taped her saying it and sent it to Matt who was in Las Vegas on business.
5. The original poop was flushed. This is a total reenactment.
6. You've got to stop sometimes and just laugh with your kids. Life is too serious and stressful. Have a little fun with them. It's what they'll remember.

Ok, now watch and laugh at what I have fondly titled "Behold, my pile of doodie."

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