Friday, August 7, 2009

Family Friday - Sad

Hannah and I went to see my grandfather yesterday. Hannah has a special gift. She is unfazed by people who are sick. She's not afraid or leery. In fact, it's almost as if she's drawn to it.

When Matt's grandmother was really sick, the night she passed, Hannah insisted on being right by her side, covering her with blankets and fluffing her pillows. It's amazing.

I told her my grandfather wasn't feeling good and she's been asking to see him for days. We went down yesterday and I could tell my mom was nervous. He was having a significantly hard time breathing and was down emotionally.

Hannah was a ray of sunshine. She climbed right into his hospital bed with him, gave him hugs and kisses, and cracked up the entire room with her antics. When the doctor came in and my grandfather introduced her, she looked up at the doctor and boldly asked "Do you think I'm a genius?"

Even when my grandfather choked on his food, Hannah was not rattled. Maybe she didn't realize, you say? Five minutes after the incident, Hannah starts telling my grandfather about when she threw up her food because she didn't like it. How's that for empathy?

I'm so glad we went down there. He had his lung drained again last night and had a nasty reaction to the morphine, so everyone ran back down there.

The doctor is coming in to talk with him today. He's going to decide wether he wants the aggressive and simultaneous radiation and chemo required to keep this wretched and fast growing cancer at bay.

Please keep my family in your prayers today. Pray for peace and God's amazing presence. Pray that each member of my family grasps on to God's love as a foothold during this difficult time.

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