Monday, August 24, 2009

Money Monday - Hodge Podge

Hey! Do you like my new layout!?!?

Thank you to Mike Evans who fixed it up for me so it would fit me more. I suppose for some reason the pre-made template bugged him. THAT'S OKAY WITH ME! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You can check out his blog here for awesome and inspiring thoughts!

We've had a crazy weekend! Hannah's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated the whole weekend and all of last week for that matter! I'm a little irritated because I abandoned my frugal ways in favor of convenience. I just didn't have time to make my own sugar cookies, so I bought pre-made dough. I didn't calculate so I WAY overbought everything and now I'm afraid the food will spoil before we can eat it. That is a HUGE pet peeve of mine!

I really really like my frugal ways, and I don't like to abandon them, so I'm sticking with them!

In other news, our lives have been very stressful lately. My husband would like to take a trip on Labor Day weekend, but we just can't come up with the cash that fast! But, boy, it would be nice to take a trip!


  1. there are a ton of cheap weekend get aways! look online! 7 springs has a labor day package :) love ya, Shari


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